Alas! Almost all people hate watching advertisements, irrespective of the platform. Even we are used to switching channels while watching TV shows, hitting the ‘Skip Ad’ button on YouTube, and purchasing premium plans simply to avoid wasting time on ads.

How could businesses reach their target audiences and promote their products or services in such a case? The simplest idea is establishing a presence on popular social media platforms like Instagram. Here the algorithm recommends posts or promotional ads based on audience interests and their past behaviour on the app. Though there are several features on Instagram, marketing experts suggest using Instagram Story for businesses. Moreover, many marketers buy instagram story views to increase visibility and popularize the business in a matter of minutes.

Still not convinced to combine Instagram Story with your marketing strategy? Read this article to know the significance of Instagram Story, especially for a brand or business.

1. To Deliver Content Interestingly

Sharing content in the same format might be boring for you as well as the audience. And here come the Instagram Story feature that enables you to create posts in an appealing way. A notable fact is that you can share ephemeral content that exists only for 24 hours.

The best part of Stories is that all the resources essential to enrich your content’s value are available within the app. For instance, add stickers, emojis, music, or special effects to make your content more interesting for the viewers.

2. To Elevate Brand Visibility

Unlike regular posts, an Instagram Story will appear on the top of your feed, encircled with attractive color. The color ring represents the new Story from your side, which urges your followers to view the content. Hence, it is a good choice for businesses to share Instagram Stories and take your content in front of large audiences. Furthermore, take advantage of EarnViews to boost organic reach, raise brand awareness and take your business to the next level legitimately.

3. To Increase the Engagement Rate

You may need at least an hour to create your Instagram post. But crafting a Story is much easier than any other content. All you need to do is choose a concept, capture clips, or upload the visuals and edit on the spot to share it with your audience.

Since stories last for a few seconds, it is convenient for audiences to consume your content and engage with it the right way. Sharing multiple stories daily increases your engagement rate and reflects your growth positively.

4. To Interact/Engage With Audiences

Content creation is not only the task you are supposed to do. A business owner or marketer should connect with existing followers and potential audiences to build credibility. Stories are a great way to interact with your audience, understand their needs and personalize your business accordingly. For example, you can conduct quizzes, polls, and Q&A sessions to stay connected with your audiences in real-time.

5. To Enhance the Shopping Experience

If you are an avid Instagram user, you know there is no way to add a clickable on every post you share. However, it is possible to include links in bio space. Another way to include a link is using a ‘Link’ sticker on the Story and attaching the respective link to navigate your viewers and turn them into your customers.

Consider you are promoting a particular product; simply add the description or product link that will redirect them to complete the purchase and enjoy a seamless shopping experience. In addition, buy instagram impressions to maximize content reach and attain your business goals efficiently.

6. To Display Business Info in Highlights

As discussed earlier, Stories are visible only for 24 hours. Therefore, there is no assurance that all your followers will see all the story content. In such a case, save the crucial posts in your ‘Highlights’ section. So that your followers and new profile visitors will come to know about the essential aspects of your business without missing out. For instance, display all your products in one highlight, the procedure to purchase in another, and so on.

7. To Make Your Business Stand Out

There are tons of brands and businesses out there on Instagram. This makes people forget about your brand when you share posts for a while and disappear at times. When you share more than one Story every day on your Instagram profile, your business will surely stay in the minds of your customers. As a result, you will achieve more leads, conversions, and sales without spending a dime.

Wrapping Up

To sum up, Story is an incredible feature that enables businesses to unleash their creativity and keep up the consistency of sharing posts on Instagram. Don’t throw direct promotional posts among your audiences. Instead, impress audiences with your innovative ideas.

You will see visible results when you invest your time and effort into Instagram Stories for sure. What else do you need? Plan your business-centric Instagram Story and reap the benefits to the fullest. Good luck 🙂